About us

Mosquitoes are the worst little annoying creatures that spread diseases everywhere they go and mosquito-borne diseases are the cause of millions of deaths every year. Spread of these diseases can be controlled by either killing the blood sucking mosquitoes or preventing the mosquitoes from biting us.

Research is done every day to find ways to fight mosquitoes and market, nowadays, is flooded with a lot of products, from coils, sprays, and lotions to liquids, to keep these small but dangerous insects at bay. Most of these products contain chemicals and poisonous ingredients exposing the user to several health problems and that’s where ‘Goodhealth’ comes into place.

Goodhealth mosquito repellent vaporizer is a 100% natural, herbal mosquito repellent that keeps away all the dangerous mosquitoes whether you are at home or office or school. It is an excellent substitute to chemical based repellents that does not cause any side effects. It is a safe and effective way to protect your family from mosquito bites.

About the Company

Herbal Route India is a registered partnership firm represented by Mr. Atul Mude & Mr. Marcus Cardoz. Both have done their Engineering in Plastics & Polymer Science. Passion for innovation and sheer interest in nature, guided them towards developing this unique product.

Vision and Mission

  • Give to the society a clean, natural and safe mosquito repellent product.
  • With our chemical-free and poison-free product, we aim to eliminate or at least reduce ill effects of chemical repellents and create a safe atmosphere.

USP :Herbal, Organic, Ayurvedic, Natural, Safe for humans, Non-toxic, Pesticide-free, Chemical-free.

History : The particulates emitted by a chemical mosquito liquid vaporizer can cause suffocation, dizziness, nausea etc. It is unsafe in the long run as it eventually affects the nervous system and is the major reason which is why the use of chemical based vaporizer is not encouraged. Majority of the people are ignorant of these facts and they don’t have any choice but to use harmful chemical mosquito repellent.
Goodhealth is produced after years of intensive research on Asteraceae family plants, which are blessed by Mother Nature with strongest insect repellent components like alpha Caryophyllene and Tarpene derivatives. Pure extracted oil of Ageratum Conyzoides plants, which belongs to the above family, makes it, free from chemical and poisonous effects. The herbs are processed under controlled conditions and expert supervision.
Natural and herbal, Goodhealth mosquito repellent is a better product when compared to its chemical counterpart in terms of what it does and the composition of the repellent.


Patent has already been filed for this “first of its kind” product with office of the Controller General of Patents.
Patent no.: 201921001996


Certified as Chemicals-Pesticides free product by CSIR-IIIM, J& K, Ministry of Science and Technology. Govt. of India.
Certificate No.: TC-6948

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